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Do you favor a frosty mug of beer on the warm summer days, and a heart-warming porter or stout in the dead of winter? Then you'll find yourself at home in Bozeman. Know that, as a lover of beer, you have no shortage of delicious options, and will never be alone here where the beer flows as steady as the Yellowstone River. However, you can't get very far without knowing your options.

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Montana's history is coupled with a strong agricultural tradition of growing some of the finest grains in the nation. We live in the midst of the Golden triangle, an area just off the Rocky Mountains that produces barley that is used throughout the country to produce fine domestic and craft beers. Montana brewers pride themselves in partnering with Montana farmers and producers in using Montana grown grain to make their beer. Look for the "Grown and Brewed" seal as you travel along the Montana Brewers Trail.

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